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Give Your Place A Contemprary Makeover in Just 6 Steps

Home, office, or retail store, contemporary design is the most popular choice for interior design. But what is contemporary interior design anyway and why is it trending these days?

Contemporary means what belongs to the present. So, contemporary is a design that keeps on evolving with time and what is in trend nowadays, will not be in trend after a decade.

So, let’s talk about what is in now and how you can transform your place into a contemporary design with the best interior design kuala lumpur company

1. Colour Palette

In contemporary design, you don’t have many colours to play with. It’s all about simplicity and calmness and that is why you will find pastel colours in contemporary rooms. However, it’s not all that dull pastel colours are complimented by bold colours to add colour to your room. You can add colours by adding colourful paintings or cushions in your room. Colourful rugs are also a good option to add to your room.

2. Patterns

Patterns are another important element of contemporary style. Geometric patterns, zig-zags, checks, and stripes are some common and popular patterns used in contemporary interior design. You can either choose pastel colour wallpapers with geometric patterns, bold colour zig-zag, or other patterned cushions or wall hangings. Rugs and other decorative items with patterns are also good options to choose from. But, one thing you should not forget is that contemporary is all about simplicity and fine lines. So, make sure your pattern has strong and crisp lines and doesn’t add too much colour to your room.

3. Minimalism

Contemporary style is a lot similar to minimalism. You will find less furniture and fewer decorative items in a contemporary space. So, start by decluttering your room. Take out everything that you don’t need. Choose furniture that is simple and has clear lines. Decorative furniture doesn’t fit in a contemporary room. So, don’t go for ruffled, carved, or big furniture. Just go for basic, bold, and structural.

4. Touch Of Texture

Adding texture is another way of adding colour to your minimalistic and simple pastel-coloured room. So, feel free to add textures to your room. From textured woody ceiling design, and exposed brick walls, to metal framed windows and sliding doors, you have plenty of options. If you are looking to add metallic texture, go for stainless steel furniture along with metal frame windows and doors. This will give a cool industrial look to your room.

5. Lighting

No interior designing project is complete without lighting. Minimalism and simplicity are primary elements in contemporary style and that is why most contemporary rooms have big wide windows to let in natural light. Other than that, pendant light fixtures are also popular lighting options. A chandelier is also an option for living rooms but it should incorporate simplicity.

6. Natural Elements

Along with natural light, you can also add some natural elements to your room. Wooden pieces of furniture or wood-coloured decorative items add a simple yet elegant colour combination to your room. Other than that, you can also add a touch of green as well. A big plant with textured leaves in a simple pot goes perfectly well with a contemporary-styled open space room.

How We Can Help?

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