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What is Modern Interior Design? – A Comprehensive Guide for You

From the use of traditional French arches in the corridors to bringing an minimalistic look to our homes, interior designing has come a long way. We have shifted the default styling method from Traditional, Scandinavian, and French to modern interiors.

So, what is a modern design, and how you can incorporate it in your homes and offices?

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What Is Modern Interior Design?

This interior design style began to attract the eye in the twentieth century with its simplicity of design concept: to eliminate the unnecessary grandeur and add the simplicity and elegance to interior designing that was missing earlier.

It is all about creating a space that is multi-functional and inviting. With large windows and open space, the modern style is complimented with neutral walls and a touch of bright colours, geometric shapes and a mix of natural and industrial elements. Black and white is the most popular contrast in modern style.

Elements of Modern Style

Here are some essential elements of modern style which you can incorporate to bring modern style to your interiors.

Neutral Colours

Simplicity needs you to steer clear of bold and bright colours. Modern style rooms have neutral colour walls which are often complimented with coloured accents. White, beige, grey, and pastel colours are common options for modern rooms. Neutral colours make your room look simple, clean, and elegant.


Simplicity and minimalism are primary components of modern interior design which makes it pretty easy to accomplish in a room. So, remove all the clutter and add only what you need in a room. Open floor plans and simplistic furniture go hand in hand with modern style. Just add furniture that is essential for the room and is modern yet simple. Wooden furniture or stainless steel are popular furniture options for modern-style interiors.

Clean Lines

Clean lines are another key feature of modern interiors. Whether it’s a frame, furniture, or pattern, it has to be in clean and straight lines. Clean and straight lines give a feel of simplicity and neatness which are the basics of modern interiors.

Geometric Shapes

Modern style is not just about simplicity. You can add a stylish and modern touch to your by complimenting your neutral walls with colourful geometric patterns It can be a wall hanging with geometric shapes and bold colours or a cushion on your sofa.

Open Floor Plan

Another key feature that is commonly followed in workplaces and living rooms is an open floor plan. It gives simplicity and an illusion of a bigger space to the room. Furniture is used to differentiate between places in an open-plan room. A sofa between your dining space and living room is perfect to differentiate between the two.

Modern vs Contemporary Style

You will find a lot of similarities between modern and contemporary styles and people often mix them. However, these are two different styles. Modern interiors started in the twentieth century and are based on simplicity, neutral colours, and clean lines.

Contemporary, on the other hand, is what is in trend at the moment. So, the contemporary may have similarities with the modern style but the contemporary will not be the same in the next decade. It will keep on evolving and will have different look in the next decade.

Looking To Modernize Your Interior?

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