About Us

Who We Are

Interior Plus is made up of partnerships between young, creative, experienced and highly-qualified interior design professionals, who are chosen after undergoing stringent and comprehensive selection processes.

Possessing in-depth understanding of the demands and expectations of our consumers today has enabled us to provide the most effective interior design solutions for you.

At Interior+, we offer you a ‘one-stop service’ for your interior design needs and solutions. With over 9 years of experience in this industry, Interior+ specializes in various areas of interior design, including Design Consultation, Renovation, Project Management, Home Decor, and Furniture Design

Our Vision

Become the largest and most trustworthy revolutionary interior design platform in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

To gather all qualified talents and resources in the industry for career and professional enhancement in the interest of enhancing consumers’ interest and values.

To improve interior designers’ income, promote career development, increase exposure and create a sense of accomplishment for them.

The Birth of Interior+

Formerly known as La Conception Hauz (founded in 2009), Interior+ was established after our founder, Nicsmann Lim noticed the problems and challenges faced by interior designers, contractors & suppliers, as well as consumers in Malaysia. These complications inspired him to design an alternative business model for all the parties involved – Interior+.
Throughout his 9-year experience in the industry, Nicsmann faced many limitations – one of the biggest issues being talent retention. Despite being able to hire talented interior designers, most of them chose to leave after they have learnt the ins and outs of the industry. Some of them became freelancers or started up their own interior design business, while others wanted to give up on this career because they were being underpaid and had limited career opportunities.

Hence, Nicsmann aspired to create a unique business model which was inspired by the profit-sharing approach.
Today, Interior+ serves as a platform to gather all qualified talents and resources in the interior design industry to enhance consumers’ interests and values. The main idea is to provide a simpler and smarter solution for all parties involved in the interior design industry in Malaysia, ultimately resulting in cost reduction and improvement of Malaysia’s interior design standards. Interior+ not only enabled Nicsmann to solve the problems he personally faced as a business owner, it also created a win-win solution for the parties involved in this industry by transforming a traditional business model into a partnership programme.