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Award-Winning Interior Designers

The multi-award-winning interior design firm Interior Plus offers outstanding design concepts and solutions. To do this, we creatively combine design and function, maximize value generation, promote environmental stewardship, and merge technology and art effortlessly.

We take pride in the fact that we are skilled problem solvers, meticulous and dedicated researchers, and creators rather than imitators. Our concept is based on thoroughly researching the demands of our clients before developing a solution that is especially suited to meet those needs.

Everything we produce must be based on a design that satisfies the demands of and exceeds our client’s expectations, so we are always looking for new technological advancements. Interior Plus is the best interior design company in Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re looking for an interior design company in Kuala Lumpur, our extensive business and the variety of our talents ensure that every customer receives our undivided attention and best effort from beginning to end.


What Makes Interior Design Awards Important?

· Increases Your Competitiveness

An industry that is constantly growing, becoming more diverse, and competitive is interior design. With new specializations, methods, or ideas and a fresh perspective on how to harness digital media’s power to optimize brand recognition, more and more people are entering the industry every day.

This fact implies that to be recognized and compensated for your work and passion, you must differentiate yourself from the competition. Industry awards for design are one method to get this status.

· Effective Marketing Plan

An effective marketing tactic is to identify oneself as an award-winning designer. Business cards, social media, and websites frequently use the phrase “award-winning designer,” thus endorsing your efforts.

Once you’ve been selected as the winner, it’s a fantastic idea to spread the word about it via your newsletter, social media accounts, or by releasing a press release and contacting your local media outlets.

· Increase In Credibility

Any size award from the design field will increase your credibility. It is a tool to improve your professional reputation with clients and staff. Such achievements are beneficial to your profession because they show that you are, in fact, at the top of your game.

This distinctive quality is a powerful customer magnet since it inspires immediate faith in your abilities.


Award-Winning Interior Designer Company

Interior+ Design has a sizable portfolio of successfully completed projects under its name, as well as a long number of pleased clients. Because of this, we have become a well-regarded interior design firm with awards for quality and excellence.

A’ Design Award

A’ Design Award and Competition is one of the world’s biggest, most prestigious, and most influential design awards, and it represents one of the finest examples of design excellence. Your products, projects, and services should reflect exceptional design quality, as the A’ Design Award Winner Logo symbolises.

Interior+ Design is a 2021–2022 BRONZE WINNER in the interior space and exhibition design category.

Muse Designs Awards

Gold Winner In Conceptual Design

The International Awards Associate’s project, the MUSE Design Awards, honours outstanding designers and their breathtaking creations. With the talent of our designers, Interior+ Design was able to transform a property in the Seri Hijauan neighbourhood in Ampang, Selangor. We are a winner of the 2021 Muse Design Awards, a gold winner in conceptual design residential.

Gold Winner in Interior Design

The international MUSE Design Awards, a part of the MUSE Awards Program, honour designers who push boundaries and change paradigms. These criteria were undoubtedly met by the workmanship used by Interior+ Design in a condominium in Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion Hilltop @ Mont Kiara complex. We are a winner of the 2021 Muse Design Awards, a gold winner in interior design residential.

Built Design Awards

Built Design Awards, a part of the renowned 3C Awards that celebrates design from around the globe, honours the exceptional individuals responsible for the most remarkable projects. This program gave Interior+ Design an honourable mention for our breathtaking work on the residential development of the Aria Luxury Residence in Kuala Lumpur.

Qanvast Design Awards

Only exceptional residential projects created and finished by respected Malaysian interior design companies are honored by the Qanvast design awards. We were chosen as the winner of the Qanvast Design Awards 2022 this year for the magnificent design of our Empire Residence project in Selangor.


Final Thoughts

These are just a few outstanding awards presented to designers and artists. All these awards are being distributed to support young talent and promote creativity. However, if you’re looking for an interior design company in Kuala Lumpur, there’s no need to waste any more time.

We have received praise and awards for our superior internal design for years. We guarantee that we can design your home, office, or any other space because we employ top designers.

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