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Icon 4,172 sf
Dollar Icon RM 800,000

Serenity Through Subtlety

Reflecting the master development in which it is located, this residence effortlessly shows how easily modern tastes and nature's beauty can harmoniously coexist.

The picture-perfect example of a nature-ensconced haven, Eco Sanctuary lives up to its name by offering an escape from the trials and tribulations of life. The same sentiment naturally applies to its Monterey collection and one of its villas, as its resident so desired, was further accentuated through the excellent work of the experts at Interior Plus Design.

Building off the homeowner's wants, needs and personality, a luxury contemporary style was chosen and composed using a selection of exquisite materials that perfectly complement each other in every space. Upon entry, wood wall panels and immaculate marble floor tiles set off the rose gold metal plates adorning the ceiling of the corridor, creating a first impression of palatial splendour.

Interior plus work Monterey 1
Interior plus work Monterey 2
Interior plus work Monterey 3
Interior plus work Monterey 4
Interior plus work Monterey 5
Interior plus work Monterey 6
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Interior plus work Monterey 12
This impression is strengthened by the living and dining areas of the home where fabrics and upholstery of the right texture and hue have been cleverly added to the mix which include Venetian plaster and faux stone panels. This was largely achieved through carefully selected pieces from renowned furniture company B&B Italia that reflected the owner’s tastes and gave each space a unique and timeless aesthetic. Depth and flexibility were also added to each area through the incorporation of large glass doors and windows which allowed natural lighting to filter indoors and enhance the delicate balance of light and shadow at play.
Another excellent combination of practicality and beauty is evident in the staircase leading up to the next floor. Illuminated with LED light strips, the book-matched marble tiles and wooden wall cladding used here elevate it to the level of functional art. Soft linear lights were also installed on the bottom side of each step to create a floating visual effect that was magnified by the inclusion of a small Zen garden underneath the staircase.

In the more private areas of the residence, each space was similarly designed with the consideration of how it would influence the homeowner’s well-being and state of mind. Natural wood finishes and warm lighting provide even the study with a subdued sense of luxury but it is unsurprisingly the master bedroom where this can be seen best. A curved partition with lighting installed at the top and bottom serves as a larger-than-life floating art piece that separates the master bedroom from the walk-in wardrobe. Additionally, rose gold hairline-brushed stainless steel was used in the wardrobe area to serve as a foil to the master.

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