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Icon 1,186 sf
Dollar Icon RM 180,000

Uniquely Utopian

A variety of marble elements were carefully balanced with design centric pieces, natural wood grains and plush soft furnishings to produce an abode that is magnificently snug and stylish.

The very idea of modern luxury when it comes to the place we live has been thoroughly explored in this beautifully constructed space that aims to create a balance between the 21st century aesthetic and a sense of homeliness within this condominium unit. Dealing with a limited 1,200-square-feet of real estate, Interior Plus Design Sdn Bhd has exhibited a great deal of creativity by anchoring the entire space with darker earth tones, thus bestowing a warm and loving atmosphere while keeping the overall design clean and functional.

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As seen in its main common area, the room is quintessentially highlighted with a sleek feature wall that is made up of a combination of black marble panels, light wood strips and vertical mirror insertions that give it a very modern appearance with a hint of glamour. The living room is further decorated with a tasteful selection of white marble coffee table, paired exquisitely with brown leather sofas and a lovely floor rug to soften the look. Next to it, the dining and kitchen space is segregated simply by using a zonal effect created from the use of timber flooring, which is complimented with wooden built-in cabinets of similar tone. Mirrors and straight lines play a major role in the overall design to keep a clean and sensible presentation, as well as providing additional square feet to the interior visually.

Meanwhile, each of the three bedrooms were given subtle design variations that accentuate their personality. The master bedroom features a choice of plush brown floor rug that extends all the way into its large and open ensuite bathroom for an extra luxurious interpretation of modern-day comfort. The smaller bedrooms, however, were distinguished through their heavy wood elements, each tailored to the overall look and exact dimensions of the room, wrapping them in a soothing vibe that is associated with Mother Nature. Matched with the see-through glass panels of the bathrooms, the entire space opens up nicely with the help of natural light while strategically placed lighting fixtures offer the rooms a cosy yet upscale effect that rivals that of an edgy utopia.

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