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Our Interior Design Services

Interior Plus Design offers a wide spectrum of interior design services that cover different kinds of interior design needs for our customers. Our highly experienced team of interior designers is committed to creating superior-quality, innovative space for our customers that truly transforms a space into a place. Be it the revamping of your living place or giving your workplace a modern touch, we will deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

Interior Design Services We Provide

Interior Design

We offer specialised interior design services that are tailored to meet your unique needs and tastes. We provide concept boards, floor plans, furniture plans, and sketches, to help our clients make a better visualisation of the project. When one’s design ideas are shared, we help to personalise the design to reflect your unique style.

Space Planning

Effective space utilisation is critical. We engaged in in-depth structure and layout analysis for the development of innovative space solutions that utilise space properly.

3D Visualisation

With the latest technological advancement, we will help you get your design by providing 3D video and 3D images of your design. This is important so the client can see the final project beforehand. Realistic renderings let you informed decisions to make sure you get what you want.


We are giving renovation services, from small to the largest renovation projects. Our main focus is on quality of work and efficient project management. With small touch-ups or a significant overhaul, our team can cater for each solution.

Soft Furnishing

Achieving the desired appearance and feel of your home requires a careful selection of textiles and materials. We select premium textiles that complement your preferences and the décor you already have, guaranteeing a well-designed space.

How we work

First Consultation

We start the design process by understanding your needs, vision, and budget stipulations. We will discuss your detailed brief and likes to ensure that all your needs are captured.

Style Proposal and Quotation

Inspired by the discussion, we create a design proposal which matches your needs/expectations. We provide a detailed quotation that fits your budget: this is to create transparency and alignment at the outset.

Detailed 3D Visuals and Plans

We prepare detailed 3D visuals and plans that include your recommendations and necessary changes. This ensures that the design is up to your vision before we continue.

Project Management

We offer a one-stop solution for project management, from keeping close eyes over the whole project to maintaining regular updates and open communication ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Completion and Inspection

Once the construction is done, we do the final inspection with you. We consider any other hitches that would form and assure you of your satisfaction with the end result.

Why Us

Experience and Expertise

Our team of professional designers has a decade of experience. We would deliver exemplary service which you shall remember. We have massive experience and a proven track record in mitigating the risks which are involved in the projects that we undertake.

Quality and Innovation

We strive to bring out quality and innovative interior design services. State-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials shall be used to make sure that all the projects we undertake cater to the utmost standards of appeal.

Client-Centric Approach

Our client-friendly service aims to understand and even go beyond your needs. We have managed to develop long-term relations since we offer designs that mirror your unique needs and tastes.

Comprehensive Services

Since we are a one-stop solution for all your interior design needs, we offer a plethora of services, beginning from the initial design to renovation and home smart automation. With our wide range of interior design services, we have you covered on all tasks, great or small.


Interior Plus is the perfect amalgamation of creativity, a touch of practicality, and being client-oriented. Our line of projects achieved and happy client testimonials speak for us. We make sure to understand what our clients need and give them tailor-made solutions that stand out above the rest.

Yes, our collaborative approach will help us understand and make your dream a reality. We will bring a 3D visualisation of the concept, and final design implementation, thus making sure it meets your desire before being implemented.

Yes, we can offer customised design solutions to meet your trends and needs. Our flexibility will help accommodate and incorporate special needs to ensure that the spaces designed are yours uniquely.

The process is that first, we have a meeting to establish your requirements, then a style proposal and quotation, followed by developing detailed designs, and finally the management of the project from the beginning to complete it, giving updates and ensuring smooth progress all through.

Yes, we handle both residential and commercial interior design services. Our services are holistic and attend to the requirements of projects of various types and natures.

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